Hi guys!

Hi everyone and welcome to my first ever blog post! My name’s Lexi and I am a farmer’s wife in the heart of the rolling Cotswolds hills, but I am also a makeup fanatic, beauty obsessive and girly girl! I’ve started this blog to share all my adventures in the countryside (believe me there are many!) And also to share my passion of fashion, beauty, fashion and makeup with you all! I am a qualified beauty therapist and makeup artist and I currently run a very successful facebook group, called The Beauty Collective (go check it out!). We run a livestock farm and have both cows and sheep. I am not originally from a farming background so moving out to a farm was a massive lifestyle change to me but I love it! I will be back soon with my first full post, if you have any suggestions of what you would like me to talk about then please leave a comment! Lots of love xx

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