It’s my birthday tomorrow!!

So tomorrow I turn 32 and I am so excited as my darling husband has got me a beautiful pair of Fairfax and favour Regina boots 😍😍 (I will share pics tomorrow). I just love the classic style of these boots and the interchangeable tassles make a nice touch to customise for outfits. I find since moving more rural, my fashion has really been inspired by country style- both practical and long wearing and looking good too! What more could I want?? I’m really inspired by HRH the Duchess of Cambridges understated country style and also the likes of Toff Georgia too for something a little more on trend. This style of dressing makes me excited for autumn where I can actually where my boots rather than admire them 😆 and I can get all my lovely tweed coats out again! But as it stands at the moment, I am in shorts and shirt and here is my outfit of choice today!

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