My Christmas thoughts 💭

So this Christmas I was going to do a gift guide but mid blog I had a thought….why do I love these gifts so much? Why am I recommending them? And with that I deleted my blog and saved it for this one…..this one is about people!

Throughout 2018 I’ve been really lucky and have met or got to know some wonderful people and it’s them I want to focus my attention on today.

My first thought goes to the team at Hiho silver who I discovered and met on September at the style, skills and silver event they organised. I am relatively new to blogging and the country industry and I quickly realised why they are so popular. Everyone was telling me once I buy a piece it will never come off and it’s true the jewellery is beautiful, hard wearing and perfect in every way but did you know the people behind the brand are too? Emma has been a massive support to me with my instagram and blog and even leant me some jewellery for a photo shoot I did a few months back. Not only that but I arrived home the other day to a beautifully wrapped Christmas present from them! I know I’m not the only one to receive such generosity and I want to thank Hiho for all their hard work and making their customers feel so valued and part of the Hiho family!

Next up is Kate from Kate Latimer Country , I am good friends with Kate and so I get to see how hard she works juggling her 4 children and constantly developing and designing new pieces for her brand. Kate’s attention to detail and perfectionism means she creates the most beautiful work and I know she has many late nights finishing off orders and wrapping her pieces with such care despite being exhausted! If you want perfection then Kate is your girl. I hope she has a lovely much deserved break this Christmas!

My last thought goes to Ben aka Staggy Stag who is the event and retail manager for Fairfax and Favor. I mention Ben as until last night (he actually has Christmas off!!) he has been working tirelessly managing all the shows and fairs for Fairfax and Favor all over the country (and some of Europe too) clocking up hundreds of hours, steps and still managing to be happy and recognisable in his tweed suits! Nothing is too much for Ben and there is not a show I’ve been to that I haven’t seen Ben fronting the Fairfax and Favor stand keeping everything running smoothly! Happy Christmas Ben!!!

I could go on and on about people who deserve a thought but I shall leave it here. Do think of those working over Christmas, the NHS workers, the farmers 🙌🏻 and the emergency services too. We’ve made it through 2018 guys, now let’s celebrate!! Lexi xoxo

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