The skills of craftsmanship

Sorry I’m a bit behind with blogging so expect a few over the next few days! Today, however I wanted to share my thoughts on craftsmanship. Unfortunately we are now from a very much ‘throw away’ culture and often things are not made to last. How many of you have brought things that maybe last a few wears before starting to look tired and used? But it doesn’t matter as it’s cheap so you can justify just getting rid of it at the end of the season? I for one have been guilty of that! However I feel since I’ve started really looking at my wardrobe, I’ve started to want items that I can invest in; classics, made in England, with quality materials and made to last!

My family are originally wool merchants and made the infamous Witney blankets. My grandfather knew everything about wool, took pride in his knowledge and we still have blankets we use today that are many decades old!

Good old instagram introduced me to Fruitbat textiles who still use traditional looms and weaving methods to create beautifully unique lambs wool clothing, from scarves and snoods to hats and head bands. The yarn is hand dyed and each item is individual using British wool (of course)

Charlotte, takes great pride in keeping traditional methods alive and her love and attention show in her work.

The colours are inspired by seasons and the wonderful Somerset countryside and I love the fact that each item is unique in its own right! I have been lucky enough to be sent one of her baker boy caps and it is so soft and versatile! I can see it lasting for a very long time!!

Charlotte also runs workshops and teaches the traditional weaving methods so if you’re feeling inspired by this you too can learn the skills to make your own clothing! It’s so nice in a world that is so quick to throw away to see people like Charlotte creating investment pieces with love and care!

Do give her a visit over on Instagram Here

Lexi xoxo

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