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Hiho silver #styleskillsandsilver

Morning everyone! I thought today I would share my experiences of the Hiho silver #styleskillsand silver meet up I attended on Thursday at the very beautiful Fish Hotel which is nestled in the rolling Cotswold hills, near Broadway.

This day had been very carefully planned and organised by a group of wonderful people who are all involved in the country lifestyle/fashion/blogging industry who wanted to help and share their experiences, tips and techniques with likeminded people like myself! I arrived not knowing anyone but was greeted with lots of smiley faces, hot tea and CAKE! So I was instantly relaxed and got chatting to people very quickly. As my blog is new, I hoped I may pick up some great ideas from other bloggers and be able to make this blog interesting and exciting for all of you!

We were split into two groups and off we all went into 2 workshops; our first one was hosted by the wonderful Melanie from Mackenzie and George , Harriet Lilly, and Karen from Karenandtheclan1. This was the style workshop and the ladies shared all their style tips and advice with us before letting us loose on styling some outfits ourselves! Here I learnt a few important things;

  • Be comfortable! If you don’t look and feel like you then you won’t feel comfortable and if you don’t feel comfortable it will show and will quite possibly ruin your day! Sure! Those white jeans may look really amazing on your favourite fashion influencer but are they really practical for a day at the horse trials?
  • Accessorising is key to completing an outfit! Even the most ordinary of outfits can become spectacular with a few key pieces; think jewellery, belts, and scarves! They have the ability to finish off and tie in any outfit 👏🏻 (also click on the inter links above to track my favourite accessories!)
  • Don’t always follow the trends! Be individual and be true to yourself! There is a lot of ‘uniform’ in the county fashion world and if you love it, then that’s great! But don’t be afraid to say no and create your own trends too!
  • Plus one from me! Makeup finishes any outfit perfectly but where what’s appropriate for the occasion! Blue eyeshadow and red lips may not suit your day at the shooting range!

The other workshop was more focussed on the importance of imagery and we learnt how to do a flatlay! I have never been very good at these so having professional photographers share their tips and techniques was really invaluable! For one, flatlays are there to tell a story! So when choosing your items to photograph think about what they are telling your audience? We were set the challenge of creating our own flatlay to summarise our day and here is my attempt! I have to say, I was pretty proud! I also learnt a that you don’t have to get every item perfectly in the image! A mistake I have been making frequently in the past. What do you think of my first flatlay? Any advice or tips?

All in all the day was wonderful and I left with a incredibly generous goodby bag from all involved! My favourite item being this beautiful bee necklace from Hiho silver how beautiful?

There will be more meet ups in the near future so if you’re interested please do come along next time! It will be great to see you!!

Love Lexi ❤️

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