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Fresh lips πŸ’•

I’m a bit obsessed with lip balms…I get separation anxiety if I don’t have one within my reach and I have hundreds of them scattered all over the house, in my handbags, pockets, the car etc. I hate the feeling of matte lipsticks as the trends seem to be at the moment and am getting fed up of the horrible line you get around your lips as lipstick wears off so I went on the hunt for a solution! Glosses wear off too quick, balms over mattes just seem to make the lipstick go bitty πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ so just short of giving up I stumbled into the Fresh shop on Marleybone High street this weekend where I was face to face with lip balm heaven!!! Meet the sugar tinted lip treatments!! These balms come in a beautiful array of sheer colours and the colour can be built up for a more intense hue. Rumour has it HRH the Duchess of Sussex is a fan and I can see why! Enriched with nourishing oils and antioxidants my lips have never felt so smooth. It’s not oily or too heavy nor too thin on the lips and allows just the right amount of colour which wears off naturally with no tell tale nasty lines! I’m so impressed! I went for the shade RosΓ¨ as shown below They retail at Β£19.95 so not the cheapest lip balm but certainly the best in my opinion and I shall be adding more to my collection soon! Here it is on my lips below lightly applied. You can pick them go from all fresh stores or from their website hereΓ©-tinted-lip-treatment-sunscreen-spf-15/H00002725.html#prevPage=menu&start=29&cgid=view-all-lipcare

Love Lexi πŸ’•

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