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Lacura coffee scrub

So I picked up the lacura coffee scrub from Aldi the other day and I had to blog about it as this product is amazing!!!! It comes in 3 scents- orange, chocolate and coconut but I got the chocolate one. The scrub comes in a generous size and is £6.99 Its 97% natural and is both vegan and paraben free too!!! If you like a good scrubby scrub then you will love this!! It’s a mixture of coffee and sugar mostly and also had oils in to moisturise your skin, so once you’ve rubbed it on, you leave it for 5 minutes to do it’s magic! Honestly, my skin has never felt so soft and silky 😍I will be stocking up to keep my skin smooth throughout winter. If you don’t like the smell of coffee then this may not be the product for you but otherwise you must try it!! Let me know what you think 😘

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